First I started with interviewing 4 people. I decided to interview four individuals; two of which are
former addicts themselves, and the other two being family members of addicts. My goal was to
gain insight on the topic of addiction and substance abuse, as well as seeing this issue from two
different perspectives. I then took quotes I found to be the most insightful from the interviews
that are; negative, positive, and opinions.

From here, I completed my observations. For my observation, I had 10 participants who are
located in the Hudson Valley area fill out this sheet to see how familiar they are with the topic of
Addiction/Substance abuse. The words listed at the bottom of the sheet are words that were
mentioned frequently throughout my interviews and research. Ages of participants ranged from
Although this observation was only done with 10 participants, considering a majority of them
know someone who has struggled with addiction or substance abuse, I feel that there should be
a better outlet or place for those who want to help others struggling, but don’t know what they
can do to help. To truly understand what it is like to struggle with addiction, I believe you have to
experience it first hand.
Based on the data I collected and feedback received, I can say that a majority of people know
someone who is struggling with addiction or substance abuse. While there are plenty of
resources and ways for people to get help when they need or want to, there aren't many options
for family members or loved ones of these people to cope. I think my findings show that
addiction and substance abuse is more prominent and common than people make it out to be.
Addiction is often thought of as something that shouldn't be talked about, or covered up. This is
almost ironic considering eight out of ten people who I observed knew or know someone who

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